Not everything we've built is here, but we'd be happy to show you more examples in person. Feel free to contact us for an appointment.


The Going House is a prime example of Silverwood Builders constructing a custom home on a lot that was thought unbuildable. This 4,100 sq. foot, three-level terrace home sits on a heavily wooded lot with steep ravines and hills. The design works with the land, rather than against it and includes three bedrooms, a library, an office and a formal dining room. Maple floors, african slate, granite countertops, french doors... all blend to make this home a grand living space that still feels warm and cozy.

Going House

Il Castello

Silverwood Builders was excited by the challenges faced with the Castello House project. A sloping, wooded lot did not present enough flat ground for the average builder, yet wasn't an issue for Silverwood. The home boasts 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, a spacious living area and a large balcony. The clients goal was to have a zen-italianate feel.


Another "Unbuildable" Lot

Located at 5640 Central Avenue, this home is one of many infill residential projects and was built on a lot that was deemed to be “unbuildable” by other home builders.