Vietnam Memorial

A limestone mass is surrounded by a rusted steel belt which has the names of our fallen soldiers laser cut into it. Out of a deep cylindrical hole in the limestone rises an oblated sword, a modified obelisk of black granite. The entire monument flows with running water from a circulating pump and the sound of water falling into the void reinforces the knowledge of the depth of the hole. The obelisk is intended to symbolize man's unfathomable heroic efforts in wartime. The flow of water begins at the mountaintop's peak, washes the rocky surface and bleeds through the laser cut names in the steel.

Bloomington Bus Stop

This proposed design of a bus stop in Bloomington is generated from the characteristics of a decrepit barn, commonly found in indiana landscapes.A tractor seat accommodates a single traveler's wait Interior seating protects and accommodates group wating.

Locking bike storage is incorporated behind the shed-like bus stop and views to oncoming buses and streetscapes are through partial framing, window and door openings. The roof creates both solid and fragmented shadowing at various times throughout the day

Indianapolis International Airport
Entry Monument

This project intended to articulate and inspire that elusive space in-between goings and comings. It defines and literally illuminates on site, the state of being and awareness which is, curiously, uniquely embedded in our experience associated with airports. The project attempts to encourage , manifest and enlarge the travelers experience with this in-between state.

Massachusetts Avenue
"End's End"

An oversized aluminum barricade-like structure is placed at a street's dead end. Internally lit multi-colored glass spheres are imbedded in the barricade slats and other illuminated spheres are imbedded in the grass berm behind. This artwork's message suggests that dead ends or limitations of physical and human natures can be broken through,overcome,gone beyond. At night it also serves as a beacon to draw visitors to an otherwise less travelled area of an art gallery district.