Here are examples of interior and exterior remodeling projects exemplifying Bruce's' cohesive design gestalt: interiors and exteriors of your home should work together to create a unified feel.

A Condo Remodel

This relatively modest and
ordinary condo had typically compartmentalized spaces and
was totally revitalized.

Bruce transformed a typical cramped 80s condo kitchen into a spacious, modern living space with glass tile-and-stone accented backsplash, two-tone cabinetry, new flooring and granite counter tops and a working/ gathering island, nearly doubling the size of the kitchen.

All living spaces were opened up to each other by removal of partition walls.

An enclosed guest bedroom was incorporated into the living area and now serves as a home office

The master bath was enlarged and outfitted with fine, modern fixtures and materials.

All of the fireplaces were redone with beautiful tile facing and glass fire stones.

While the exterior remains intact per condo regulations, the interior has been transformed into a new, cutting edge space and a one-of-a-kind dwelling in the community.

The leg of the island overhang is a work of art in itself: a hybrid of traditional and modern materials, aluminum tubing and an antique cabriolet leg.

Masterbedroom Remodel

Four idiosyncratic geometries converge in a niche inside an early modern master bedroom. The four geometries of this built-in carefully accommodate a variety of functional needs: exhibit space for art glass, clothing storage, safe and magazine storage, timekeeping and waste disposal.

Modern handrail

A unique handrail arises out of a ramped and illuminated void in the wall. The bundle of aluminum rods form a handrail and then trail and flow freely as individual tendrils.


Like a bundle of muscle fibers, these stainless steel rods form an entrance handrail. The rods splay out and penetrate through a freestanding, stainless steel monolith, the surface of which was ground and then had a patina added.

Exterior/Interior Remodel

At the client's request, Bruce added a major additon to this home on the White River. The tower's third floor is a zen room with a 180 degree view of the river and surrounding woods.


This room floods with light and offers wooded river vieww.


The second floor landing doubles as reading room and can be opened to the master bedroom with shogi-inspired doors for added light, view and spaciousness.

Exterior/Interior Remodel

Courtyard dining

This conversion of an outdoor courtyard into an interior dining room shows Bruce's versatility in a multi-challenge situation. The resulting solution has one space flowing into another and the modern, airy dining room looks like it was always part of the plan.

Breakfast Nook Remodel

The use of frosted glass with mirror backing give these custom cabinet doors a unique look which capture and softly emit light in the newly remodeled space.


A new frosted glass panel near the front porch is backlit and makes the side entry more prominent. A new walk with an artistic fountain celebrates the journey to the home's entrance.

Additional Exterior Embellishments

A contemporary carport and fountain compliment this early modern home and help define the entry and front yard spaces. The existing motif of a running fence is incorporated into the carport sidewall design and double post and beam elements which support the slab roof are clearly articulated.

Storage Shed

An auxiliary storage structure completes the trio of added elements, forming a compound-like forecourt. The barn-like door and track system and fencing element are both incorporated into the facade and extend beyond it. The post and beam echo the same elements of the carport.